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Least-cost Energy and Transportation Sectoral Analysis for Climate Targets

⚠️ Important Note for Reviewers

To preserve the integrity of the peer-review process, reviewers are requested to log out of all their institution-specific or personal Box cloud storage accounts before clicking on any of the links below to anonymously access the linked files.

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The LETSACT Model is a linear programming-based least-cost energy and transportation sectoral analysis model for evaluating greenhouse gas reduction technology and emissions trajectories.  The model, written in MATLAB, was developed at the University of Michigan by Dr. Sarang Supekar as part of his doctoral thesis.

While all of the model’s functionalities are fully operational with regards to the research presented in the paper titled, “Analysis of costs and timeframe for reducing CO2 emissions by 71% in the U.S. auto and energy sectors by 2050”, the computer code has not yet been fully optimized for public use or computational efficiency.  The primary purpose of the model at this point is to assist with a transparent peer-review of the research conducted and written using this model, and we request that users do not distribute the files at this time.  As such, we caution that any significant changes made to the code structure or its input data files may result in code errors.  In due course of time, we will be releasing a Beta version of the LETSACT model with adequate documentation to make it more user-friendly.

Users or reviewers interested in viewing only the input data files and results discussed in the above mentioned paper can do so by accessing the zip files titled “Model Input”, “Auto Sector”, and “Electric Sector” without necessarily having to run the LETSACT model.  To run the model, please follow the guidelines described in the README.pdf file below.

public alpha version of the Letsact model

Model is © Sarang Supekar, do not distribute.

Please follow directions for use described in the README file.